If you should be an LGBTQ individual who is looking for asylum

If you should be an LGBTQ individual who is looking for asylum

You may be a refugee and have the right to receive protection in Sweden if you have a well-founded fear of persecution because of your sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, gender identity or membership of a particular social group. It is stated into the meeting relating to the Status of Refugees, Swedish law additionally the EU’s guidelines.

Asylum applications and guidelines

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Persecution can include threats or violence to your lifetime or your wellbeing. It might also be that legal guidelines or people’s views imply that you will be subjected to abuse that is serious of the sexual orientation. This will, as an example, simply take the as a type of punishment or extensive discrimination such as your being not able to go to college, choose a task or access medical.

The ability to show yourself and engage politically without anxiety about persecution no matter cultural beginning, religion, sex or orientation that is sexual additionally types of just exactly what can provide you the best to stay static in Sweden.

No matter if the persecution originates from the authorities in your country of beginning or if perhaps your household or other people are threatening you. The Swedish Migration Agency will then investigate just what might occur to you in the event that you come back to your nation of beginning as time goes by, and whether or not the authorities you can find unable or reluctant to safeguard you against the persecution you say you risk being afflicted by.

The Swedish Migration Agency will register you as an asylum seeker along with your title, date of delivery and legal sex as stated in your identity papers. Swedish legislation will not let us register you under a different sort of title, but that we can make a note of this if you prefer a different given name or pronoun, please tell us so.


Whenever Swedish Migration Agency needs to determine in order to understand what your particular life was like and why you in particular are afraid to return to your country of origin whether you need protection and may therefore be granted a residence permit in Sweden, an investigation is conducted with you. Continue reading „If you should be an LGBTQ individual who is looking for asylum“