Whether or not you want the ring to be a surprise

NAVARRETTE: Yeah, what about the I mean, Sean, let me set it up to you this way. The business about the Republicans and the Democrats, you have white Democrats who run the Senate, people like Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and others. Talk to me about the fact that maybe now we’re going to get a sense for where the Democratic interests and the African American interests part company..

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‚ But that said that’s what it is

Houston is a dead team now after Steve Francis and Hakeem Olajuwon left. The only 3 stars of Houston is Yao, McGrady and Alston. Unless their GM pull some strings from any team (except Boston cheap jordans, who’s sure to stick to their lineup tighter than Mighty Bond) and get a star to complement their C SG mix, Tracy would demand to be traded or released.

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