Need a laugh? Head to Comedy Night at the Charleswood United

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He set an NBA record for most triple doubles with 42, allowing the Thunder to withstand the loss of All Star in free agency and secure the sixth seed.Harden and Westbrook are former teammates in Oklahoma City and remain good friends, but neither seems drawn by the hype that this series is all about them. Harden cut off a reporter before he could finish his question about how the focus entering this series is on him and Westbrook.“I don’t really care about the talks,“ he said. „I just want to win.“When prodded about what makes Westbrook so good, Harden provided some praise for the fellow point guard.“Obviously he’s talented, really explosive (and) athletic,“ Harden said.

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I would do that for a friend if I was in a situation like this

And then there are the more permanent displays of visual art entering the museum in the coming months. On view Jan. 13, Natasha Bowdoin’s wall installation, „Maneater,“ features floral figures. Exciting evening of four and six hand keyboard action. $8/General public, $6/Senior 62+ and faculty staff, $3/Students. Rosendale Public Library, 264 Main St., Rosendale.

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cheap Air max To the delight of NCAA officials and wrestling enthusiasts cheap jordans, fans packed the historic arena all three days. Five of the six sessions were sellouts, with a total of 110 cheap jordans cheap jordans,194 tickets sold. Seats were filled from the floor all the way up to the rafters. Derrick Ward is talking about living in a foster home, about his mother, who he never really knew because the drugs ate up her life. He’s talking about the fight he and his dad had when he was home from college, a fist fight. „My dad, he was strict, but he couldn’t treat me like a man,“ Ward said. cheap Air max

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